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The Topics That Should Be Included In A Health And Safety Audit


Outline the topics that should be included in a health and safety audit.

The topics for inclusion in a health and safety audit will include a document review, interviews and actual observations on any or all of the following:

  • The organisations health and safety policy
  • Awareness of risk assessment procedures and compliance
  • Awareness of safety monitoring procedures and compliance
  • The adequacy of maintenance arrangements and associated records
  • The gathering, analysing and dissemination of accident, incident and ill-health data
  • A review of health surveillance records and procedures for gathering the same

  • The extent of legal compliance within the organisations operations
  • A review of the health and safety committee minutes
  • The quality, range and content of training records
  • The results of statutory/thorough inspections
  • A review of previous audit reports to ensure no recurrences and the addressing of previously identified non-conformances.

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