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Safe Working Practices For The Use Of A Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP)


Identify safe working practices for the use of a mobile elevating work Platform (MEWP)

Safe working practices which should be adopted for the use of a mobile elevating Work platform (MEWP) include

  • The involvement of competent persons both to operate And work from the platform;
  • The completion of any statutory testing and inspection Requirements;
  • Its use only on firm level ground with checks being made on the Presence of overhead obstructions such as power cables;

  • The use of outriggers which Should be locked in position;
  • The correct inflation of the tyres with the wheels Immobilized during elevation of the platform;
  • The prohibition on moving the platform When elevated or in use;
  • The use of harnesses by workers on the platform;

  • The Erection of barriers round the area where the platform is to be used;
  • Ensuring the Platform is not overloaded and
  • Securing all tools and equipment before the platform is Moved; and
  • Introducing emergency procedures in the case of failure of the platform.

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