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The Procedure For A Safe Lifting Of A Load By The Use Of A Crane


Outline the procedure for a safe lifting of a load by the use of a crane.

Suitability of the lifting tackle – it must be inspected – must be free of damage, certified

Safe working load – the weight of the load should not exceed the safe working load of the crane


Free from defect – the crane itself should be free from any defects such as hydraulic defects, tire conditions etc.

Competence of the persons involved – driver, slinger and the signaller. All must be competent and authorized and be in receipt of adequate training for the equipment to be used (type of crane, lifting accessories, etc),

The load to be lifted vertically,


The load should be secured, balanced and controlled during the lift,

Taglines may be used as required

Ensure proper slewing, lowering and moving of the load under control.

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