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The Main Hazards That May Be Present During The Demolition Of A Building


Identify the main hazards that may be present during the demolition of a building.

The main hazards associated with the demolition of a building include:

  • Falls from a height or on the same level;
  • Falling debris and premature collapse of the structure;
  • Use of explosives;

  • Contact with and noise from equipment and heavy plant;
  • Dust possibly including asbestos;
  • Manual handling;
  • The presence of hazardous materials from previous uses of the building;
  • The presence of cellars or vaults affecting the stability of structures and adjoining premises;
  • The presence of storage tanks both above and below ground and their current or previous contents;

  • The possible presence of services such as electricity, gas, and water;
  • Hot work
  • Biological hazards from the presence of stagnant water and vermin.

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