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The Hazards Associated With The Use Of A Cement Mixer & Control Measures


Identify The Hazards Associated With The Use Of A Cement Mixer.

For The Hazards Identified Above, Outline Control Measures That Can Be Used To Reduce The Risks Hazards Controls Measures

Hazard Associated With The Use Of Cement Mixer

The Cement Mixer Is A Machine Used To Manufacture Mortars And Concrete Via The Mixing Of Different Components Such As Aggregates Of Different Sizes And Basically Cement.

It Is Composed Of A Chassis And A Cylindrical Vessel That Is Made To Turn By Means Of The Power Transmitted By An Electric Or Petrol-Driven Motor.

Most Common Hazards:

  • Becoming Trapped Due To The Lack Of Protection Of The Casing.
  • Electric Shocks.
  • Overstrain.
  • Blows By Moving Elements.
  • Airborne Powder.
  • The Mixer Overturning And Knocking Into Someone When Being Transported.

Control Measures Include:

  • Mechanical Handling Aids
  • Training In Correct Lifting Techniques
  • Adequate Rest Breaks
  • Provision And Use Of Suitable And Sufficient Ppe E.G. Gloves And Overalls To Help Prevent Contact With The Cement

  • Rpe Provided To Prevent Inhaling Dust Contact With Moving Parts And Ejection Of Materials
  • Provision And Maintenance Of Guards To Prevent Ejection Of Materials
  • Provision Of Hearing Protection Or Job Rotations To Reduce Time Exposed To The Noise Power Supply (Fuel –

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