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Hazard That Can Cause Trips Or Slip & Control Measure That Can Be Used To Reduce The Risk Of Slips And Trips


(a) Identify FOUR hazards that can cause trips or slips.

(b) Identify control measures that can be used to reduce the risk of Slips and trips.

Part (a)

There are many reasons why people slip or trip, including

  • The floor being poorly Maintained with damage to carpets,
  • Linoleum and tiles; changes in level caused by Ramps, slopes or kerbs;
  • Slippery surfaces caused by oil or water with the spillages Being left in place and not cleaned up;
  • Ice and snow;
  • Highly polished surfaces such As marble or slate;
  • Dusty surfaces;
  • The wearing of inappropriate footwear; and
  • General Obstructions in walkways such as trailing cables, pipes and
  • Uncollected rubbish.

Part (b)

Control measures that might be used to reduce the risk of slips and trips include

  • Maintaining the surface condition of the walkways;
  • Replacing damaged carpet, Linoleum and tiles;
  • Using anti-slip flooring materials;
  • Highlighting changes in level with Hazard warning strips;
  • Providing good lighting;
  • Introducing procedures for cleaning up Liquid spillages and dust, debris and waste;
  • Introducing a regime of regular inspection And
  • Encouraging the wearing of appropriate footwear.

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