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The Factors That May Lead To Occupational Stress Amongst Workers


Outline the factors that may lead to occupational stress amongst workers.

The basic workplace stressors are:

  • The job itself – boring or repetitive, unrealistic performance targets or insufficient training, job insecurity or fear of redundancy
  • Individual responsibility – ill-defined roles and too much responsibility with too little power to influence the job outputs

  • Working conditions – cramped, dirty and untidy workplace; unsafe practices; lack of privacy or security; inadequate welfare facilities; threat of violence; excessive noise, vibration or heat; poor lighting; lack of flexibility in working hours to meet domestic requirements and adverse weather conditions for those working outside
  • Management attitudes – poor communication, consultation or supervision, negative health, and safety culture, lack of support in a crisis
  • Relationships – the unhappy relationship between workers, bullying, sexual and racial harassment.

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