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Control Measures That Could Be Implemented To Reduce The Risks To Pedestrians In Areas Where Vehicles Are Maneuvering


Identify control measures that could be implemented to reduce the risks To pedestrians in areas where vehicles are maneuvering.

Control measures such as

  • The Management of traffic movement such as the introduction of one way systems and The designation of specific traffic routes which should be clearly marked;
  • Segregation Of pedestrians from transport with demarcation of walkways and the provision of Barriers and refuges;
  • Introducing safe systems of work for loading, unloading and Stacking using banksmen when necessary;

  • Maintaining good visibility by means of Mirrors, transparent doors and the provision of lighting;
  • The enforcement of site rules Covering speed restrictions and limited areas of access for vehicles;
  • The fitting of Visual and audible alarm devices to vehicles;
  • Ensuring that workers wore high Visibility clothing;

  • Ensuring that floors were regularly cleaned and kept free from Spillages and
  • Ensuring that workers were fully trained in the precautionary measures That should be taken and that an effective level of supervision was in place to ensure The controls were followed.

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